Bonnie Blue Flag

Modify the Tadeusz Kościuszko Flag

Bonnie Blue Flag

The Richmond Daily Dispatch didn’t publish the news about the October 21, 1861 Confederate victory at Ball’s Bluff until the 23rd – a day later than The New-York Times. The following article comes from that same issue:

Proposed change of the Confederate flag.

The Natchez (Miss.) Courier has the following appropriate suggestions in regard to the propriety of changing the Confederate flag:

The Bonnie Blue Flag sheet music

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It has been said that the Confederate flag is to be changed. Judge Porter, of Alabama, one of the best men in the South, proposes that we should adopt, in lieu of the present flag, which, he says, “borrows too much from the North, and is associated with stripes,” the beautiful flag raised by that lover of freedom, Kosciusko, in his native Poland, after his return from fighting for freedom with Washington. It is a plain, blue field, with the white eagle. There is no other flag like it now in use. Russia extinguished that splendid blue flag, and it would be very appropriate for the South. It would be easily distinguished. The only difficulty we can see in the way of adopting such a flag is that it could not be easily made where there were no artists to paint on the flag the white eagle. If the lone star in the centre were substituted for the eagle it would, in our opinion, be more acceptable.

The Bonnie Blue Flag inspired the song, which you can hear at You Tube. I think the video is well done with a nice review of most of the Confederate state flags. You can read about the song’s lyricist, Harry Macarthy at HistoryNet.Com.

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