It probably wasn’t another august madness; I doubt anybody thought the doughboys would be home for Christmas (at least not in 1917 – first they had to get over there). But 100 years ago there was a lot of evidence that America was successfully mobilizing for a fighting part in the great war. The June 17, 1917 issue of The New-York Times showed that female aviators from California had volunteered their planes and services to help Uncle Sam patrol his coasts:

Dolores Francis (New York Times 6-17-1917; LOC: https://www.loc.gov/resource/sn78004456/1917-06-17/ed-1/?q=june%2017%201917&st=gallery image 1)

west coast patriot

American doctors and nurses made up the first war unit to make it to Europe and were greeted by the king and queen of Great Britain:

firstAmwarunitEurope (NY Times 6-17-1917; LOC: https://www.loc.gov/resource/sn78004456/1917-06-17/ed-1/?q=june%2017%201917&st=gallery image 1)

welcoming the first arrivers

In other news: zeppelins again raided England; Elihu Root, an American special envoy to Russia, gave a speech in Petrograd proposing that the United States and Russia fight for each other’s freedom; a Russian Workmen’s Council and Soldier Delegates said they rejected a separate peace with the Central Powers; an American Liberty Loan was oversubscribed; and President Wilson was irritated by Congress’s delay in creating a new food administration. He wanted Herbert Hoover, the proposed “food czar,” to get started anyway:

NY Times June 17, 1917

NY Times June 17, 1917

More egg on Sumpter’s face. Wanted to title the post proto-WAC after World War II’s Women’s Air Corps – whoops. WAC was the Women’s Army Corps; apparently I was thinking of the Women Airforce Service Pilots.
All the photographs are from the June 17, 1917 issues of The New-York Times and can be found at the Library of Congress (images 1 and 6). The Food Administration poster is from the National Archives
be-patriotic (https://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/sow-seeds)

patriotic pleading

General Pershing as Cadet (NY Times June 17, 1917; https://www.loc.gov/resource/sn78004456/1917-06-17/ed-1/?q=june%2017%201917&st=gallery image 6)

Black Jack at West Point

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