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still knitting

In its January 20, 1918 Picture Section The New-York Times included a photo of a former supporter of the Confederacy. The paper seemed to view Sarah Eggleston with some admiration as she knitted sock after sock for America’s British allies. … Continue reading

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“Colossus of Roads”

The two-day Battle of Hampton Roads concluded 150 years ago today when the USS Monitor duked it out with the CSS Virginia. Although the battle was considered a draw, both sides could take pride in their respective ironclads. Here’s a … Continue reading

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“torch-light procession”; layin’ a keel

In Lieu of Radway’s Ready Relief? Given the Radway Company’s strong Union stance in yesterday’s post I doubt it is sending any of its wondrous elixir to Confederate soldiers. Here’s a story about a substitute in one Rebel camp. From … Continue reading

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