Baltimore Barometer

A female rebel in Baltimore - an everyday scene (Harper's Weekly, (1861 Sept. 7); LOC - LC-USZ62-87801)

Sticking to her guns?

From The New-York Times October 28, 1861:


— Baltimore is a perfect barometer of the war. If you would see how the National fortunes stand, you have but to note the state of feeling and its manifestations in that divided city. Let our arms meet with a reverse — up goes the secesh mercury; let the Government show the tusks of power, and down sinks treason to the lower registers, though only to lie perdu till an opportunity comes. A fortnight ago, the Monumental City polled a splendid Union majority. But the disaster at Ball’s Bluff has made treason once more rampant, and Baltimore is reported again all feverish and unsettled. Happily, while secession proposes, Fort McHenry disposes; and Gen. DIX is altogether too keen to be dixied.

John Adams Dix commanded the Department of Maryland at this time. He is known for his strong Union statement in January 1861.

Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Md (c1861 October 29; LOC - LC-USZ62-3677)

Fort McHenry disposes

General John A. Dix

won't be dixied

Civil War envelope showing American flag and cannon with message "Shoot the first man that attempts to pull down the American flag" (between 1861 and 1865; LOC - LC-DIG-ppmsca-31705 )

Dix legacy posted in Baltimore

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