Good Business Model?

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch May 7, 1862:

Camp near Yorktown,
April 30, 1862.

Deserted — On the 26th inst., from the camp of the 19th regiment Virginia Volunteers, one Robert Byrnes, a private of Company K, same regiment. Said Byrnes was accepted as a substitute on the 25th inst.; says that he was born in Ireland, but has more the appearance of an English sailor; is about 5 feet11½ inches high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, and about 27 years old; has a considerable scar on the left side of his neck. All officers, civic and military, are earnestly requested to use every exertion to arrest this man. He is no doubt lurking about Richmond, probably endeavoring to hire himself again as a substitute — The usual reward will be paid upon his delivery to me here, or if he is lodged in any jail where I can get him.

Matthew Lyle,
Capt. commd’g Co. K. 18th Va. Reg’t. P. S.–Byrnes had with him naturalization papers of a very recent date; given him in Richmond. M. L. my 8–tw

Byrnes probably sees a good way to make some money by serving as a substitute for multiple Confederate citizens – but the “considerable” scar on his neck might be an issue for him.

Yorktown, Virginia. Exploded gun in Confederate battery (1862 June; LOC: LC-DIG-cwpb-01034)

After all the rebel soldiers left Yorktown

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