Lincoln memorial

In its February 10, 1918 issue the New York Tribune published a page of photos commemorating Abraham Lincoln, probably to honor the sixteenth president’s 109th birthday (February 12th):

Lincoln NY Tribune 2-10-1918 ( image 9)

President’s Day

In a February 13, 1918 article from Petersburg The New-York Times reported that even some Virginians commemorated the day. In what was said to be the first time a Southern state legislature participated in an observation of Lincoln’s Birthday, “the General Assembly attended the exercises at Camp Lee conducted by the 319th Brigade, composed exclusively of Virginians.” The 319th was returning the compliment Pennsylvania troops paid Robert E. Lee on January 19th (General Lee’s birthday). “The celebration closed with the singing of national airs and the camp favorite, ‘God Help Kaiser Bill.'”

Abraham Lincoln what would you do? (1918; LOC:

“And now your spirit will aid us in, In subduing the Kaiser Too”

You can read all the lyrics of the 1918 sheet music at the Library of Congress
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